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It’s never been easier to reach 491 million travelers who use Tripadvisor globally every month. Tripadvisor Media Manager is the simplest way to create, manage, and optimize your ad campaigns. Buy on your own terms with the flexibility to choose the audience, budget and ad formats that work best for your brand objectives. From start to finish, Tripadvisor’s self service platform puts you in control.

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Why advertise on Tripadvisor Media Manager?


Tripadvisor Media Manager enables your brand to reach an engaged audience of 491 million monthly active users in over 190 countries and in 27 languages.


Align your brand with 20 years of trust. As the world’s largest travel guidance company, consumers turn to Tripadvisor for the travel advice that they trust.


Leverage Tripadvisor Media Manager to tap into our data intelligence - a real-time understanding of our audience to target your consumer.


View in real-time the true impact of your brand’s campaign on Tripadvisor and optimize performance with a click of a button.

Your ads available on any platform

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Activate your ads, optimize your results

Choose your audience

Define your audience by leveraging robust targeting options, — including device, location, retargeting and frequency capping.

Create your ad

Upload your existing ads or build an ad leveraging this platform. Easily add third party tags to track their success.

Set your budget

Select a budget and choose the campaign start and end dates. Payments are secure and processed by worldwide preferred partner.

Learn and optimize

Monitor your campaigns, view the analytics dashboard and make changes to improve performance and achieve your advertising objectives.

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Managing your campaign is easy

Full control

Enjoy full control of your campaign and ad creative. See live data for your campaign performance, and adjust your targeting, update creative or pause campaigns as you see fit. You're the boss!

Automated Reports

Don't have time to check the dashboard when your campaigns are running? No problem! Set up automated email reports and get Daily or Monthly updates sent to your email. It's a simple way to save time and stay on top of your performance.

A/B testing made simple

Don't know which ad creative to use? Try several approaches — then see which gets more views and clicks, and turn off lesser performers.

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Tripadvisor Media Manager is the
simplest way to create, manage,
and optimize ad campaigns

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